Interview with the Deadgirl

Interview – LUCY DAY

I had the opportunity to sit down with Lucy Day, the main character of Deadgirl. Deadgirl is a young adult paranormal novel that just recently came out on paperback and e-book, available on Kindle or Nook.

B.C. Johnson: Hi there. I’m glad you could take time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

Lucy Day: No problem. I live to chat. Chatter. I talk . . . a lot. Not one to be afraid of the ‘ole inner monologue.

BC: It’s sort of an outer monologue at this point.

Lucy: True story. Is this going to be like a James Lipton thing? Favorite curse word, color of my childhood dog, things I hate about wool?

BC: Well that first question isn’t bad. What IS your favorite curse word?

Lucy:: I don’t curse that much, honestly. Son of a bitch is a good one. It’s versatile, you know? Bang your thumb, shout it. You can call someone it. You can refer to an event or a thing as an SOB. It’s convenient. And if you really enunciate it, it’s got some real oomph.

BC: That’s great. Why don’t we start with introductions. Who are you?

Lucy: Lucy Day. I’m fifteen, I go to Atlanta High School in Anaheim, California. I have hair, I’ve been known to wear shoes when the situation warrants it –

BC: Thank you. I hear you’ve recently been the subject of a book.

Lucy: I sure have. It’s sort of nerve wracking, you know? It wracks my nerves. Constantly. Having a bunch of readers stomping around in your head, sorting through your thoughts like last week’s recycling –

BC: The book, Deadgirl, it’s in first person?

Lucy: Sure is. You get to see all of this from the inside. It’s fascinating, I hear.

BC: You died, correct?

Lucy: Wow. Spoiler Alert.

BC: It’s the title of the book.

Lucy: It could be, you know, metaphorical. It could be about a girl’s . . . emotional death. The crushing of . . . her life, spirit. Okay, yeah, you’re right. It’s on the back of the book too, I think.

BC: It is.

Lucy: Being dead is tough to describe. Have you ever had an ice cream sundae that melted, and you drank it instead of ate it?

BC: Um, no.

Lucy: That’s actually good, because it isn’t anything like that. It’s sort of like being violently murdered by a pack of psychopathic as-

BC: Whoa, family friendly there Luce.

Lucy: Sorry, I’m cool.

BC: Did it . . . stick?

Lucy: Death?

BC: Sure.

Lucy: No, hun. I’m talking to you right now.

BC: Well, you’ve been pulled out of the timestream to give this interview.

Lucy: So I’m a time-traveling ghost girl? This is starting to sound a bit Marvel/DC, you know?

BC: Just for this interview.

Lucy: That’s too bad. I could really rock a DeLorean.

BC: Would you –

Lucy: “You’re my density.”

BC: Yeah, Back to the Future. Good movie.

Lucy: Yeah, but it’s a whole thing. I died, but then I wasn’t dead. I definitely got more interesting after the event, that’s for sure. Mostly I’m trying to keep it all under wraps with my friends and family. It isn’t working too great, I can tell you. Plus there’s this guy, wears a lot of white. Sort of creepy. Actually, really creepy.

BC: He’s after you?

Lucy: Sure seems like it. I think I might have screwed with the natural order of things.

BC: You came back from the dead.

Lucy: That is a bit unnatural.

BC: How has it affected your lovelife?

Lucy: It’s great, actually. Turns out showing up on the side of a milk carton really turns on the fellas. “Oh man, check out Lucy Day. Remember when she disappeared for a day, on her first date? I love a psycho emo girl who makes up wild stories to get attention.”

BC: I don’t think the sarcasm is necessary –

Lucy: Wait, I got it. “My milk carton brings all the boys to the yard.” Ha!

BC: Okay . . .

Lucy: Come on! That’s hilarious. “Milk carton.”

BC: Oh I get it. So, anyway. What would you say to someone thinking about reading your story?

Lucy: Death is Only the Beginning. Muwhahaha. Imagine that in the trailer-guy voice.

BC: . . .

Lucy: Hey, you wrote me this way.

BC: This is getting a little meta.

Lucy: Sorry. No, I guess I would tell them . . . I would tell them that I hope they’ll understand why I did the things I did. Why . . . I’m sorry. Is it okay if we don’t . . . ?

BC: It’s fine. Thank you again, Lucy Day.



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