When Should I Wear a T-Shirt

I have some helpful advice to share with my gender!

When Should I Wear a Shirt?

Seriously. I don’t care how hot it is. I don’t care if you’re jogging. The tanktop was invented for a reason. They come in 8-packs for like 5 dollars at WalMart. We wear shirts now, guys. Yes, even when you’re driving and your air conditioner doesn’t work. Yes, even if you’re crazy in shape. Especially if you’re not.

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3 thoughts on “When Should I Wear a T-Shirt

  1. DefinitelyNotShane

    Hi BC,
    Just want to ask – does this apply to hot chicks, too? It doesn’t, right?

  2. It does not.

  3. DefinitelyNotNoelle

    I concur with the above sentiment. I don’t like seeing shirtless men bouncing about.
    Especially not Shane!

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