Another Monday, Post-Evisceration

Stomach is starting to heal from the hernia surgery. Turns out it’s painful for your guts to come out, and JUST AS PAINFUL to put them back in again. So, you know. Don’t do that.

Keep that shit on the inside, if you have the option.

Because I’ve been anchored to the couch for medicinal reasons, been watching a shitload of The Walking Dead, old episodes, and they just remind me how great season 1 and season 2 were.

I know, everyone hates season 2, but on Netflix, in binge-form, it really works. It has some of the best character work in the series, and the Shane/Rick stuff is intense as hell. It’s funny because no matter how many tanks or evil baseball bats they give their new villains, none of them are as intimidating as Shane’s unhinged, slack-lipped murder stare. Jon Bernthal (Shane) was and is the absolute man. Probably the only actor on the show so far who could match Andrew Lincoln’s Rick in acting ability and gravitas.

Been trying to play Mass Effect: Andromeda too (with all my new couch time), and it just absolutely refuses to become good. Damn shame, considering how excellent the last trilogy was. Well, caveat – how good Mass Effect 2 and 3 were. Mass Effect 1 had a lot of the problems Mass Effect: Andromeda is having. The games work when they’re little episodes of Star Trek. The games fail when they try to present some wide-open boring landscape to putter around in in an under-powered space car.

Okay, those are all my thoughts for today.

Got some good writing in just now – Deadgirl 4 is finally starting to shape up into something I like. Easy realization that made it happen: Deadgirl 4 is not Star Wars. I kept trying to make it this big crazy epic story with all these characters and forgot that the series is about Lucy.

Now that I’m listening to her voice again it’s all rolling out.

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2 thoughts on “Another Monday, Post-Evisceration

  1. Why am I not surprised? Lucy was stubborn enough to refuse to die – it makes sense that she demands to have her say in this particular matter ;).
    Which reminds me of Christopher Pike’s relationship with Sita – the main character in his The Last Vampire (now Thirst) saga. He always claimed that, in a way, she dictated the story – she was like a real person who was broadcasting her thoughts to him somehow. I suppose all the strongest characters share this annoying, wonderful trait LOL.

    • I would agree with that completely. Like, every story takes some twists and turns you didn’t expect. That happens as scenes play out.

      But I’ve NEVER had someone so completely kick the hell out of my story like Lucy. She does whatever she wants. She laughs at outlines and makes fun of their mothers.

      Often I will have plans to kill a character or to have a situation get worse but Lucy can usually figure out a way to stop it from happening. I mentioned before, but the first time I took a run at Deadgirl 4 she’d outmaneuvered and defeated the villains by chapter 5.

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