I spent Valentine’s in Temecula, doing wine-stuff. Tasting, drinking, spilling in moving vehicles.

Wait, before you get mad at the last one: it involved a parking lot, a bathrobe, and a poor attempt at juggling. I won’t go into it, but just know that it was wild.

A few things I learned about myself, about vacationing, and about wine:

1. Even after having had it explained to me, I have no idea what “tannins” are. I suspect tiny elves.

2. Women are to werewolves as sangria is to silver bullets. Yeah, I went SAT Prep on that one.

3. Jacuzzi’s are more fun when you have to snap caution tape to get to them.

4. A hint that you are lying to yourself: “If I bring my laptop, I can do some work. Just in the morning, before we go anywhere.”

5. Room service is the key to World Peace. I haven’t quite figured out the specifics, but give me time.

Have a great post-Valentine’s Day. And remember: if you give your gal flowers a week after a successful Valentine’s Day, it’s worth about a billion points.

– B.C.

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