George McFly Day

I am SUCH a nerd. I spent a good thirty minutes yesterday googlating how to properly sign a book. Apparently there is a whole arcane system of rituals involving placement, pen, personalization, punctuality, pears, poplars. 

Alliteration may have just gotten the best of me. Again. It’s a weakness, I admit.

I took my steps down this dark internet path for a very important reason: my books came! The copies sent to me by Cool Well Press (my publishers) arrived in a big happy brown box that made me happy, especially considering that they arrived right as I was walking out the door to go to my non-writey job. Double surprise: the Deadgirl paperbacks are the big ass trade paperbacks, not the little standard paperbacks I thought they were gonna be.

Naturally I just tossed the whole shebang in my truck and drove to work, making sure to drop a copy into the pool of high school dancers / dance teachers that were prancing and wheeling in my theater that night. Because marketing, that’s why. Demographics, etc. I’m not wearing a suit right now, but if I was, oh man. The grown-up sounding marketing terms would be buffeting your sensibilities like a handful of shurikens tossed into a tornado.

Which, I mean, ow. Anyway. I’ll go back to ogling my books now. Or playing Mass Effect. You know, whichever. Writing more books might be a good idea as well. 

– B.C. Johnson

Sample or buy Deadgirl at Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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One thought on “George McFly Day

  1. Cisseta

    Pears, poplars…and puppies. You forgot puppies, and every one knows that every perfect personalization needs a plethora of puppies. People love puppies!

    All silliness aside, congratulations on your milestone! I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my copy of DeadGirl, but in the time being, I’ve really enjoyed reading the short fiction you’ve shared. Dollhoused was delightfully creepy.

    I look forward to reading more. 🙂

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