Where to Find BC Johnson on the Interwebs

Hey everybody! I’ll be pinning this blog on my Twitter account, where I’ll no longer be active. I’ll try to keep this updated as the vagaries of fate shift social media in directions I dig.

If you’re still interested in hearing my bullshit and/or hanging out parasocially, you can find me here:

Where to Find Me – Most Active

  • Blog – For long-form dorkery reads and book updates, follow me here
  • Instagram – For very dumb comedy videos and random observations

Where to Find Me – Twitter Alternatives?

As anyone who followed me knows, I posted a lot on Twitter. I’m trying out these as some alternatives, see you there!

  • Mastodon – I don’t really know how it works but I’m here!
  • Tumblr – Reviving my old Tumblr as a Twitter alternative
  • CoHost – I have no idea if this is gonna work out, but worth a shot

Where to Find Me – Gaming

Where to Find Me – Book Stuff

For those who don’t know, I’m an author who wrote some books. If you’re looking for my work or other author stuff, you’ll find it here: 

  • NaNoWriMo – Join me for National Novel Writing Month!
  • Author Website – For general updates and all of my work
  • Goodreads – Chatting about books and my book updates
  • Amazon – For buying/reading my books
  • Facebook – Book updates and probably memes
  • Ko-Fi – Buy ebooks or just for tipping

See you around! Comment below if there’s a social media you’re trying out, I’d love to follow you but not in a creepy way. 

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3 thoughts on “Where to Find BC Johnson on the Interwebs

  1. Roberta R.

    Hi Bobby! Thank you for commenting on my latest wrap up. I wanted to wish you a happy (or at least better!) new year, but since you’ve decided to leave your Twitter profile dormant and I don’t know if you check on your GR page regularly, I’m using this post. I hope 2023 will give you and your loved ones a well-earned respite. And I hope this will be the year when Lucy Day makes her final comeback 😉 (LOL, I know this sounds selfish, but I genuinely think it will be good for you if she does…).

    • It definitely will be the year! I’ve been making excellent progress on the book, and honestly it’s been absolutely good for me.

  2. Roberta R.

    💃 😃

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